Kim Hopson Provides Anxiety Counselling in Cremorne, North Shore

Anxiety can be paralysing and should not be minimised or overlooked. The term anxiety can refer to a wide range of feelings such as worry, nervousness or sense of apprehension. Not all anxiety is unhealthy. Anxiety serves a purpose in that it keeps many people from taking unwise risks or knowingly putting themselves in untenable positions.

Without some level of anxiety, many people would never keep money in their savings for an emergency, plan for retirement, or even have routine visits with their doctor. We often feel anxiety when we try something new or are called upon to do things, such as give a speech or presentation before others. Aside from the uneasy feelings, you may also have physical sensations like that churning feeling in your stomach, commonly referred to as “butterflies.” You may sense light-headedness or dizziness and an elevated heart rate.

When is Anxiety a Problem?

These feelings are perfectly normal under stressful situations and are generally not a sign of a problem in most circumstances. However, when these feelings become severe or extremely upsetting, there may be a bigger issue. Also, if these symptoms of anxiety interfere with your ability to cope with everyday situations or normal life, or if symptoms of anxiety occur frequently or over an extended period, you may suffer from an anxiety disorder.

If your anxiety is becoming a problem, Kim Hopson can provide anxiety counselling in Cremorne and North Shore. You no longer have to live with the crippling effects of anxiety. We can provide you with advice to deal with your anxiety. We can address the cause of your anxiety whether it is specific such as fear of flying or general anxiety not tied to a particular activity or behaviour.

Anxiety Counselling in North Shore and Cremorne

Our anxiety counselling on the North Shore can also address the symptoms of the anxiety, and try to create tools for dealing with it when it surfaces. We can develop meditation techniques, calming thoughts, or other strategies to help you function when the tension builds and becomes paralysing. By developing these techniques and utilising them in anxiety counselling in Cremorne, you may learn how to minimise or otherwise control the anxiety in certain situations, rather than allow the anxiety disorder to control you.

One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with anxiety is that there is often an onset of worry and stress related to the initial anxiety. When one becomes aware of a stressful situation, an individual who suffers from an anxiety disorder will often become fearful and anxious that they are going to suffer the ill effects from an anxiety attack. The situation then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. With this in mind, the goal of anxiety counselling on the North Shore is to identify the onset of anxiety before it becomes debilitating, and then controlling or reducing the level of anxiety through the practised techniques. Some patients feel empowered just by having the techniques and can often break the cycle of anxiety and move forward as they are less fearful of the onset of anxiety.