Time, work, money are the usual barriers to enjoying life. Equally, any activity can be done playfully.

All of us need to take time out to reflect on where we are up to.


Have you noticed at:



  • people avoid you – you avoid people
  • anxiety’s high, productivity’s low
  • time’s wasted and getting nowhere fast
  • nil job satisfaction
  • you don’t laugh and have fun, too serious
  • becoming a workaholic
  • being unpleasant to be around


  • lacking interest in getting involved in your life
  • avoiding social contact, engagements
  • unable to remember the last time you laughed, had fun
  • unable to remember the last time you did something for the sheer pleasure of it without feeling guilty that you should be doing something else
  • feeling isolated, cut off from people
  • not being interested in your usual activities, in yourself or others
  • feeling as though your life is standing still or in limbo


  • no time to play – time seems to be taken up with work, family duties/ demands. this time has become a chore.
  • too much free time and don’t know what to do with it
  • no balance in life
  • contact with loved ones is problematic

If anything here resonated with you it’s time to ask a few questions:

  • what’s missing?
  • what’s good and works?
  • what’s not working or bad for me?
  • what’s the problem?
  • what can I do about it?
  • am I ready to do something about it?

You are not alone! 

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If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play
— John Cleese
Play – work that you do for nothing
— Evan Esar