We Offer Northbridge Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Relationships take work. Relationships of any kind require constant communication and nurturing to manage decision-making, life’s ups and downs, and to resolve conflict. The word love itself is an action word and should not be taken as a passive state of being that will always remain the same. As a partner in a loving relationship, or being a part of a couple in a committed relationship, you have to wake up each and every day and put in necessary work to keep things alive. You have to get up every morning and ask yourself, “What can I do today to improve the state of my relationship?”

However, if your relationship has grown stale, you don’t see eye to eye or tensions and conflict have escalated into becoming toxic, you may need couple’s counselling for peace in your Northbridge home. If you are seeking relationship counselling in Northbridge Australia, Kim Hopson offers marriage and couples counselling through her private practice in Cremorne.   We also offer individual counselling in Northbridge.

Is Couples and Marriage Counselling only for Romantic Relationships?

Many people use the terms couples counselling and marriage counselling interchangeably. While that may be true in some cases, the services offered to Northbridge couples and other Australians by psychotherapist Kim Hopson, can be applied differently in each situation. While marriage counselling in Northbridge may only apply to two people who are married and romantically involved, couples counselling can apply to any pair of individuals. A couple may be two people having conflict in a business partnership, a parent and adult child who don’t get along, or even best friends. Other examples are couples who are not yet married including a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or pre-marital counselling for engaged couples. Couples counselling is also appropriate for siblings with a fractured relationship that needs repair.

So, you so see, romantic involvement is not the only qualifier for relationship therapy. Consider how many other types of relationships beyond marriage that we have in our lives and deal with daily. How we deal and interact with our children, family members, and our co-workers and business relationships can have a significant impact on our emotional wellbeing and state of mind. Consider seeking help from Kim Hopson today to resolve your issues. Just as you know you need a doctor when you’re physically hurt, why wouldn’t you do the same when you know your mind needs healing?

How Can Relationship Counselling Help Me?

Professional therapy is just that; it’s therapeutic. Many people do not realise that their early traumatic experience may have planted the seeds that have now sprouted and developed into other issues that are now causing conflict in their lives. Kim Hopson can counsel you through these issues and help you get to the root source of the problem and create change to help you lead an active, healthy and happy life. Instead of just patching your issues, you can therapeutically get to the source and overcome the problems that plague you. Call today for couples counselling in Northbridge from Kim Hopson on 02 9904 9339 or 0448 880 440