Need Marriage or Relationship Counselling in North Shore?

Did you know that one in three marriages in Australia ends in divorce? While those numbers are staggering and sad, what’s even more depressing is the fact that many of these divorces could have been prevented. Relationship issues are everywhere, whether you’re dating, in a serious and committed relationship, engaged, or married. Whenever you get two people together, you’re bound to have disagreements and issues. So, when two people pledge to spend the rest of their lives together, you should expect to argue and disagree from time to time.

The trouble with most of these relationships is that couples never learn how to communicate with their partner effectively. While reasons for this all vary, working on enhancing your communication skills and learning how to connect and listen to your spouse, can make your marriage (or relationship) stronger than ever. You might even wonder why you were fighting in the first place.

If You’re Struggling in Your Relationship, Don’t Think There is Nothing You Can Do

One of the most disheartening reasons for breakups or divorces is that many couples sit back and watch their relationship unravel, without ever speaking up or doing anything to fight for their love. While it can be hard to fight for a relationship when you’re angry, upset, or feeling neglected, this is the only way to save your relationship. You have to make the decision to prioritise your marriage or relationship to repair the existing damage.

When you and your partner don’t speak the same language (metaphorically speaking), the best thing to do is turn to couples counselling in the North Shore area. Marriage counselling in North Shore can help identify your relationship problems, figure out goals or checkpoints for fixing these issues, and help you find effective ways to communicate with your partner.

Where to Turn for the Best Relationship Counselling in North Shore

Kim Hopson is a certified counsellor and psychologist in the North Shore area. At our practice, we focus on providing beneficial couples counselling for North Shore residents. If you’re finding it difficult to talk to your partner, if you frequently blame yourself for relationship problems, or if you are feeling isolated, alone, or disconnected from your partner, our marriage counselling in North Shore can help.

For your counselling sessions to be successful, you’ll need to be honest, open-minded, and dedicated to saving the relationship. The first meeting might seem difficult, but as the sessions progress, we’ll work on ways to enhance your communication with your partner, make sure your needs are heard, and work on ways to compromise. Many times, relationship issues stem from miscommunication and a lack of effort, both of which you can fix if you want your relationship to improve.

Stop losing sleep over your tense relationship and take the first step towards healing by booking your counselling session with Kim Hopson in North Shore. You’ll be so glad you did.