Are you experiencing

  • loss of a relationship through death, separation, divorce, relocation
  • conflict with friends, family members causing you stress and dissatisfaction with yourself and your life
  • an inability to get a relationship going
  • being in relationships with the wrong person, maybe feeling trapped and can’t get out of it
  • blaming yourself for relationship breakdowns
  • feeling as though other people are better / more clever / more attractive / more talented / have their lives together / more successful than you
  • feeling isolated and alone
  • withdrawing from others
  • being single and not enjoying it
  • constant negative self talk, beating up on yourself
  • preoccupation with, ruminating about things that aren’t happening in your life that might be going wrong
  • imagining this is it and things will never change
  • hating yourself
  • being unable to remember the last time you had a success in your life
  • not noticing the positives in your daily life


Love can heal

Love can renew

Love can make us safe

Love can inspire us with its power

Love can bring us closer to God
— Deepak Chopra

You are not alone!

Kim Hopson provides counselling in Sydney for couples with a range of issues they may encounter during marriage or those going through a divorce.

Your life is to be enjoyed, if you can’t find the joy in life it’s time to make a change.

Contact Kim Hopson on 0448 880 440 or via email for relationship counselling and learn to love again.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
Loving someone deeply gives you courage
— Lao - Tzu